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What they learned and how you can become one too!

“ONA Interns: Past, Present, and Future”

Operation Not Alone (ONA) is proud to offer services and opportunities to active military members, veterans, and the community. But the organization also focuses on hard-working individuals looking to boost their professional resumes, further their skill sets, and create social good, while furthering passionate people entering the non-profit field. The ONA Intern Program, while still young, has helped create an amazing impact for both the community and the ONA team.

Former Intern: Jessica 

Jessica (ONA’s first ever intern!) attended, and graduated from, the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh where she majored in public relations and journalism with an advertising emphasis. It was at UWO where she first heard about ONA Founder & CEO, Susan Fochs. Jessica knew Susan from Greek Life on campus, and was recruited by one of her professors to intern with ONA. After hearing about the organization, Jessica knew she wanted to work with ONA because its mission “hits home for a lot of people.” 

During her time with ONA, Jessica focused on the communication side of the organization. She was glad to have experienced working remotely and the need to communicate professionally, especially now that she works from home as a support specialist for Naehas, a computer software company. With ONA being her first internship, Jessica gladly accepted any new experiences she could obtain, such as building and maintaining a strong social media presence.

Jessica advises future interns, both for ONA and in general to, “jump into any experiences that are offered to you. You never know what to expect, but you should appreciate any and all opportunities.”

Former Interns: Allison and Nathan

Allison first joined the ONA team in March of 2020 as a communications intern after graduating from the University of Wisconsin – Platteville. She focused on creating this blog (we love it!), initiating email marketing strategies, and finding new ways to better communicate with anyone related to ONA; be that veterans, active-duty military members, or their communities and families. In a previous interview, Allison stated, “the thing I absolutely love the most about this organization is the team of people I get to work with…they empower me both personally and professionally.” She encourages others to actively search for volunteer opportunities in the non-profit world as they not only teach valuable workplace skills, but also demonstrate the importance of non-profit organizations in our society.

Another former intern, Nathan, started with ONA in the marketing and advertising department in June of 2020, as it coincides with his studies at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. Nathan helped us dive deep into the world of digital advertising, using platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other social media platforms. He’s helped promote our organization and build publicity among many different communities. When asked what he loves about ONA, Nathan said, “we are more than just a non-profit working with veterans and active duty members. ONA is a community, or more like a family, of people dedicated to making positive change.”

As of September 2020, both Nathan and Allison have been promoted to directors of their respective fields and continue working with the organization. As the Director of Communications and Care Packages, Allison manages our blog page, newsletter, email chains, and has recently taken over most of our Care Package Program for overseas military. Nathan works as Director of Marketing and Advertising to promote ONA campaigns and events through multiple social media platforms and other various projects. 

Current Intern: Matilda 

ONA’s current intern, Matilda, has exceeded expectations with her grant writing skills! As grant writing intern, Matilda is responsible for applying for numerous grant programs to obtain funds for the ONA mission. Not only does she help with these applications, but she’s also helped ONA create some awesome video productions and other projects. When asked what motivates her, Matilda said, “I am motivated by the fact that each day is a new chance. If one day you make a mistake, you have the power to choose to do better the next day.” This is something we with ONA all strive to live by. 

Future Interns: It Could Be You!

The ONA Intern Program continues to provide more than just a few college credits. This entirely remote experience gives interns the chance to explore the specific skills and talents they have and utilize them for an amazing amount of social good. In addition, we offer interns the chance to help create their own projects and discover skills they may not have otherwise in a classroom setting – ones perhaps outside their original comfort zone. All of our previous and current interns report learning many valuable skills they use in their personal and work lives, and we want to extend that opportunity to others. 

As the new semester picks up steam, we are opening applications for Fall and Winter 2021 internships. We are looking for individuals interested in Web/Graphic Design, Social Media, Non-Profit Administration, and more. If you have questions or hope to apply for the ONA Intern Program, please reach out to our CEO Susan Fochs via email: Please provide your name, area of interest, a copy of your resume, and a brief paragraph about why you’re hoping to intern with Operation Not Alone. 

Nathan Plym

Director of Marketing and Advertising 

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