Mission Moments: How Non-Profit Teams Stay Inspired 

Mission Moments: the small stories that kick-off every ONA board meeting. Every team member shares a moment that occurred throughout the time we’ve been apart that has touched our hearts and reminded us of the mission of ONA. These moments are powerful reminders of “our why”. The “why” we volunteer our free time.The “why” we donate extra out of our pockets. The “why” we dedicate our effort to serving those who have served us. 

Working for a non-profit organization takes a special type of person. These people are the ones that care about others wholeheartedly and believe in something bigger than themselves. The people who will take less pay in order to fill their hearts and souls. The people who live to serve others. These are the people who run Operation Not Alone. We aren’t a large organization, in fact, we are a ‘tiny but mighty’ team of six passionate, inspired, and talented individuals who not only run the 5 services the organization offers, but handle social media, fundraising, PR, website management, and so much more. 

That is why the mission moments are important because we are people who need to know the “why” behind what we’re doing. We need to believe in the mission and know that we are making a difference no matter how small it may seem. It’s what keeps us going on the most mundane tasks, the hardest challenges, or just the general frustrations from the roadblocks we find in front of us as individuals or as an organization.

Personally, a good mission moment whether my own or someone else’s can keep me going for weeks or longer. That’s how powerful they can be. That’s why it is an essential part every time we meet, so we remember our “why” and don’t get caught up in the logistics, the challenges, or the frustrations. 

Operation Not Alone was basically founded on a mission moment that our Founder, Susan Fochs, experienced after sending out the first care package to an Army soldier stationed in Afghanistan. It was the pivotal moment that launched Operation Not Alone off the ground. And every mission moment after that has kept the wheels turning since 2013.

Stay tuned as the ONA team shares their favorite and most inspiring mission moments with all of you!

Allison Foster

Director of Communication and Care Packages

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