Making an Impact in 2020

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“Make an Impact” 

It’s a phrase that defines the work that we do and why we do it. We say it in meetings, social media posts, and in our everyday lives here at ONA. It is what fuels our passion, it gives meaning to the days that are less than stellar, and it’s the joy we feel every single time we know that we did it.

It’s even something we attempt to track. We can’t quantify the good feelings, the joy, or the heartfelt moments, but we can track our impact in other ways. We can track our services, and therefore, we can track what we do. Those numbers can give an idea of how far our reach is and the lives we have touched. 

We have heard it time and again; 2020 was a tough year! However, the rather dismal state of the world did not diminish our mission. Here’s a small recap on what our 2020 had to offer:

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Care Packages are sent to active military personnel who are serving overseas. They are a small token of our appreciation to the men and women in uniform who have made sacrifices many of us cannot imagine. Though our gratitude reaches beyond these packages, this is Operation Not Alone’s way of showing our gratefulness. In 2020, 67 Care Packages were shipped to service members stationed all over the world!

Cheer Packages are sent to former military personnel- veterans- in our database. They are a small token of our appreciation for the sacrifices our military veterans have made while defending our freedom. Though our gratitude reached beyond these packages, this is Operation Not Alone’s way of showing our gratitude toward those who have served in the military. Cheer packages are sent out annually around Veteran’s Day. 2020’s Cheer Package season was very successful, ONA sent out 375 Packages to all 50 states.

Last year, our VP MeKenzie completely revamped our Girl Scout Patch Program and had a wildly successful relaunch this fall! In just two short months, more than 550 Girl Scouts earned their patches in 27 states and 3 countries (thanks to the Girl Scouts Overseas program)!

In 2020, ONA gained 2 amazing interns. Allison as the spring Communications Intern and Nathan as the summer Marketing and Advertising Intern. Both have decided to stay on after their internship and joined the ONA board of directors this Fall!

During these unprecedented times, ONA wanted to show up for our ONA Family in the best way we could. Which is why our team has created COVID-19 Relief Kits available to anyone in our community. We sent out 125 packages containing some non-perishable food, hygiene products, Door County Coffee & Tea Co., and more in 28 states.

With an unprecedented year brought new challenges and new opportunities to serve. We did this again through bringing a little cheer to healthcare professionals through the form of restaurant gift cards, while supporting local businesses! We delivered gift cards to 35 healthcare workers in 9 states!

2020 allowed us to continue the services that ONA was founded on such as Cheer and Care Packages as well as founding new initiatives in the midst of a global pandemic to help us better serve our communities.We were able to see growth in our organization through our intern program and the relaunch of our girl scout patch program. There is no doubt in our mind that an impact was made in 2020. 

We want to thank each and everyone of our donors, partners, and volunteers for their continued support for our mission. We could not do it without you!

The ONA Team is excited for what a new year will have to offer and we can’t wait to share with you all the exciting things we have planned!

Check out a longer recap of special events & shoutouts that happened last year:

Also, please join us in thanking the sponsors and partners that made 2020 possible:

Allison Foster

Director of Communications

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